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Official Country Stampede Merchandise is brought to you by GTM Retail Inc./ K-State Super Store. This website is owned and operated by K-State Super Store. New festival merchandise can be purchased on this website or by visiting the K-State Super Store on McCall Rd.

K-State Super Store is the official provider of K-State® fan apparel. At the K-State Super Store you can also find t-shirts and jerseys to hats and hoodies, K-State Super Store has you covered! Visit our location at 519 McCall Road or at The Bill Snyder Family Stadium to find the hottest new Wildcat styles and K-State novelty items! Don’t just be a fan, be a super fan with the K-State Super Store

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Why is Tim McGraw’s name NOT on any of the t-shirts????

    1. Hello Kathy-
      Tim McGraw’s management team decided not to allow his name on any of the festival merchandise. He will most likely have his own merchandise available for sale at the festival the night he is performing. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
      Kyla Piper

      1. Wow…that is very disappointing of his management team! I would never have thought him to be that way!!

  2. I get email stating discounted merchandise. I got one on Friday for 21% off. How do I get this discount when I submit my order?

    Get 21% Off Merch June Kicker Country Stampede 3rd to the 5th

    1. Sherri- You can use the code finally21 in the checkout page. This code does only apply to regular price items. If you have any problems getting the code to work please give us a call at 785-537-8822 ext 1153 and we would be more than happy to do a phone order.
      Kyla Piper

  3. I am trying to order stampede shirts and the pink guitar pick shirt will not give me a place to select a size! HELP!!!

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